In light of recent events, we are launching a summer research series that will focus on black labor. The United States has benefited from the arduous labor of the black community for centuries, while imposing segregated policies and perpetuating racism. Despite the outlaw of slavery by the 13th amendment in 1865, institutional racism has continued to drive the exploitation of black labor and limit opportunities for socioeconomic growth. Through this initiative, we hope to educate our members and community -- as well as provide you the opportunity to conduct meaningful research as a Summer Policy Analyst.

This Summer Policy Analyst program will allow participants to conduct meaningful research on current events. Analysts will work in groups to research, critique and discuss a chosen subtopic. Analysts will work on their own time, with occasional group Zoom meetings, to put together the research piece. In addition, we intend to host a series of speakers on Zoom throughout the summer in relation to the theme. 


We understand the difficulties that COVID has created and hope that we can provide a summer opportunity to develop participants' research skills. The program will last from July 13th to August 7th. 

*Please note that this is an UNPAID opportunity*


Please contact with any questions

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