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A Letter from The Executive Board

Welcome to the official website of The Undergraduate Labor Institute, Cornell's premier labor-oriented think tank! We invite you to explore the site and learn more about the purpose of our organization. In founding the ULI, we hope to provide a platform for students to research and think critically about labor-related issues. We are excited to add new members to our team, and to dive into these pertinent issues.

It is profoundly important that we remain a diverse and inclusive organization, and thus we welcome all interested individuals to apply. Labor relations issues are prevalent in all sectors of the working world, and we seek to unite all undergraduates to explore these relationships further.

Our main goal is to develop and advocate for progressive labor policies through our semesterly publications. Most of us will spend a substantial part of our lives in workplaces of various types, and thus we believe that the study of work is pertinent to the study of the human experience. We aim to make a considerable impact on workplace policies not only on Cornell's campus, but also within the greater Ithaca community. Furthermore, we aim to analyze the effects of trends in the labor movement and in modern workplaces on the individual workers’ experience. Reflecting our undergraduate focus, our think tank is student-run, though advised by esteemed labor history professor Ileen Devault.

The collaborative nature of the analyst position will be a tremendous learning and development experience for those interested in public policy, research, and publication.

We hope that through being a member of the Undergraduate Labor Institute, you will begin to learn more about the relationships in the working world, while also creating relationships with other passionate students in the organization. Moreover, we hope that your membership will positively influence your ability to critically analyze information, consolidate findings from various sources, and, more generally, write more meaningful and concise academic prose.

ULI Executive Board

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