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Fall 2020

The New Normal:
Work in the COVID-19 Era

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live in more ways than one. In addition to limiting our daily social interactions, the virus has also required us to think differently about labor, and accommodate a new type of work, seemingly overnight.


Following the nationwide quarantine in March, organizations were forced to cease in person operations, with millions of employees either working from home or now unemployed. Essential workers, who have been vital in terms of facing the pandemic, have been met with increased safety measures in their work environments.

With the creation of the vaccine it may seem that we may be heading towards normalcy, however research shows that many of these workplace trends are expected to continue post COVID. In this way, we may very well see a complete reimagining of the workplace in the future. 

In this issue, we further explore the pandemic's impact on workers and what this might mean for various sectors going forward. As the crisis is ongoing, we expect to see many developments arise in the future which may inform this research. 

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